Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hearst Castle, Pink Flamingos and Rounding Up Cows

Last week, we celebrated our 25 years of wedded bliss with a drive up the Central Coast, and a visit to someone else’s unfinished house, Hearst Castle. William Randolph Hearst built his estate on a 40,000 acre ranch. The main house has 38 bedrooms, 30 fireplaces. Then there are the guest houses. That’s ambitious. I was happy just to get our one guest bathroom done. I’m glad we don’t have any guest houses to worry about. Sort of glad.

The gardener at work

The pool was re-done something like six times. Now I don't feel so bad about making a bad decision about the bedroom doors.

The reasons for his failure to complete the project ranged from his incessant modifications to delays brought on by WWII. Finally, his plans fell victim to "failing health and advanced age." The chilly hand of Father Time spares no one. Did I mention I have a birthday coming up?

Thank you to Jenni and Jennifer for their kind birthday wishes. It’s actually in August. We might be done by then. ??? I guess I’m still young enough to be a little delusional.

When you go to Hearst Castle, you stay in the village of Cambria. Cambria doesn’t have a lot to do there. Unless you like antiquing. And we like antiquing. Good thing. Because there’s really nothing else to do there. Of course, we visited the elephant seals, but there’s only so long you can look at elephant seals. It looked like a sunny day at the beach, but in reality it was cold and windy. Really, really windy. Layers of fat works well for some beach bods.

The Sunbathers

So anyway, in all that antiquing, we came away with 3 more cow pitchers.

The new additions to my herd

I had planned to slow down on the cow collection. But we liked them all so much. I especially like the little one. She’s so cute. And the Hershey's one was made in 1983, the year we were married.

We visited the local cemetery in Cambria. We also like visiting cemeteries. This is my favorite pic from there - -

Why not spend your eternity under the legs of pink flamingos?

In our first idyllic hours in Cambria, I was actually looking at real estate ads. Then, once I realized that no restaurants served dinner after 8 or 9, I came to my senses. My biggest non-traffic complaint about Los Angeles is that so few restaurants serve dinner after 10 or 11. I suppose I could check the real estate pages in Transylvania.

From Cambria, we went on to Paso Robles. It was like our Sideways tour. We did some wine tasting. Not as much as I thought we would. Wine tasting is like watching elephant seals. There’s only so much of it you can do in a single day. You’d think there’d be only so much dining you could do too, yet we seemed to do plenty of that there.

In Paso Robles, we did more antique shopping. K bought some Tinker Toys but there were no cows of interest. And yet, thanks to a rodeo event in town, the air was redolent with cow.

It’s good to be home; where the air smells of diesel and there are least a couple of places I can still get a decent supper and a vodka martini at 1 am.

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Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like a fabulous way to spend it. I, too, am glad I don't have any guest castles to worry about!