Thursday, July 24, 2008

Someday, I might just cook something

I've been a bit tardy in reporting on this past weekend's accomplishments. For one thing, the new refrigerator was delivered. Delivery was promised two weeks ago and postponed two weeks in a row. Apparently, there's been a nationwide shortage of left-hinge refrigerators. And though I'd feared a Laurel and Hardy's Music Box* calamity coming up our 17 steps, all went well. Two nice (and strong) young men hauled our new Whirlpool without incident.

What a beauty! - all black and shiny and the glass shelves untouched by the gooey bottoms of ketchup bottles.

Bye bye old almond colored fridge. You performed admirably for 16 years,

. . . unlike your predecessor who gave us only about 4 years of service. Stupid loser former fridge. Just because we kept you in storage for 2 years while we went off to live in Germany, that was no reason to conk out on us when we needed you most.

But before you shed a tear for our faithful old refrigerator, let me tell you that she is NOT going to a landfill or a used appliance reseller. Oh no! She is destined for a glamorous life in the theatre. She will live out her remaining days in The Arts District where K and his crew work hard bringing arts to the people. Brava, Almond! Brava!

And, in other kitchen news, K has been installing the first of the kitchen cabinets. Some uppers -

Some lowers -

And very, very soon, I'll no longer need to keep my few "kept out" dishes in the oven -

More appliances to come next weekend.

* This scene from The Music Box is well worth watching.

This Oscar-winning 1932 classic short was filmed only a few blocks from our house. In fact, on an evening stroll just this last weekend, K and I stopped at the the bottom of these steps for the first time and saw the plaque commemorating the site.
I'm just glad this wasn't the fate of the new fridge.


Sandy said...

I just saw this the other night. I can't even remember how many times they started all over again with that piano! LOL!

Laurel & Hardy were my absolute favorites.

Jayne said...

I have to admit that I'm not a big Laurel & Hardy fan, but I've watched "Music Box" several times and it's hilarious!! By the way, love the cat's pose in the cabinet photo. How can anyone possibly work on a house without the help of a cat?!