Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Say "No!" to Granite

In case you haven't yet seen this story, read this:

Anybody thinking about installing granite counter tops should think again.


Susie said...

Wow. Who knew...glad we're getting butcher block countertops!

Jenni said...

I know...I heard that too.....I really want soapstone. The Husband wants granite. I want butcher block on the island.
But I have not idea when we will ever really need them.

Why S? said...

We also plan on butcher block. It's probably the most historically correct, though I think soapstone would be correct as well. But butcher block wins as the most affordable and easiest to install by ourselves (by himself).

But I have often imagined hanging a big piece of granite on the wall as art. Some pieces are just too, too beautiful. Now I won't be dreaming that dream any more.

B.Williams said...

Whoa, and the reason WE didn't go with granite is because we heard that you have to "seal" it a couple times a year. Now of course I have to research quartz to see if it has any similar problems.