Friday, July 11, 2008

Die Yuppie Scum

While picking up dinner yesterday, I noticed a young hipster dude in the restaurant with a t-shirt that said in big letters "Die Yuppie Scum."
Did he mean me? First of all, I am no yuppie (young urban professional - the term is so old, it needs explaining again). I can't be a Yuppie since I am no longer young. Yes, I'm urban, but only peripherally professional.

The "Die Yuppie Scum" phrase has a history I needn't detail here. But this is cute. Anyway, because I'm so tragically self-centered, I thought he meant me, even though I am, technically, not young and only peripherally professional.

But how does he know me?

Does he know I'd just ordered a stainless steel range with convection oven, even though, in all likelihood, it will mostly be used to warm packaged food from Trader Joe's?

Does he know I was thinking of ordering this table from Crate and Barrel for the sole purpose of using it as a surface for the mixing of cocktails?

Does he know about my collections? The cows . . . ?

The Anglophiliac memorabilia?

The Victorian-era fern prints?

Does he know how I curse the too loud ranchera music, the overly-amped rap, the insistent ice cream truck tunes?

Does he know that I do NOT consider tagging an art form?

Does he know how much I wish for the demolition of the crappy Von's down the street that sells moldy bread and cheese, to make way for a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's?

Does he know the past reputation of this neighborhood and how if it had not changed so much in the past 10 years, if the gangs had just thrived, he probably wouldn't have the nerve to live here?

Probably not. He was probably just wearing a t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

I like your cup for Queen Victoria's jubilee. Best I have is a demitasse cup and saucer for QEII's. And I lived in England for nearly four years.

Thanks for coming round to my blog. And you're right-- the term "Yuppie" is superannuated-- like most of us who might once have qualified as Yuppies!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I don't know if you're into lolcats (, but that picture of the cows needs a lolcaption like nobody's business! They remind me of a barbershop quartet, crooning away!

Anonymous said...

hahah. He might have meant us... but then again he hasn't seen our completely stain covered couch in the living room that we can't keep clean - which rules us out of yuppiedom. Its just too real.

Why S? said...

Hi Kate - yes, the one creamer definitely needs a lolcaption. Maybe I'll do one some day. To me, the photo looks like he is being nagged by his wife (though technically, they should both be female).

Fred, the couch does sound too real. Maybe you should award it as one of your prizes in a future contest.