Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why the Easter Bunny Was Hopping Mad This Year

I had every intention of writing this on Easter Day. I took the pictures on Easter Day. I swear to Bacchus, I snapped every one of the following pictures on Easter Day. But then I got busy. You know how that is.

So besides being mad at me for being so tardy with this post, the Easter Bunny is also mad at my neighbors. Why? Because so many of them STILL haven’t put away their Christmas decorations!

The last time we discussed this it was Groundhog Day. That was bad enough but this is getting ridiculous. How can we truly celebrate Easter if we’re still enjoying the trimmings of holidays past?

Like this reindeer, still on my neighbor’s porch:

Or this jolly St. Nick, smiling from a nearby lawn:

The last time I groused this complaint, I’d totally walked past the tired wreath on this tired stucco wall:

And this was the first time I’d noticed this reindeer pair that still stands on a neighboring rooftop:

Somebody clear them for takeoff already.

But I think if this Joseph and Wise Guy get taken in, I just might miss them. I drive past them every day on my way to work and I always check to see if they’re still there.

The weird thing is, they get moved around. Not much, but a little. You’d think that whoever is relocating them and occasionally re-setting them upright, you’d think that person would get a clue and just put them away for the season.
Sometimes I consider sending letters to all these offenders. But is that who I want to be? The crabby crone who scolds her neighbors by snail mail? I was born with a gift for tsk-tsking. But maybe I shouldn't develop that talent.

I have a feeling that next year, unless we get our act together, this ‘hood is in for a lot of empty baskets.


Anonymous said...

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modernemama said...

Every year my neighbor opposite hangs a restrained decoration, just one - a tasteful 48" wreath nailed to the wall above the second storey window. It goes up just before Xmas but doesn't come down until..... still waiting. This is because no-one can reach it without a 24' ladder and nobody wants to wrangle a 48' wreath in winter. Last year it made it down around May 1st. This year, who knows?
I wouldn't care but this is what I see from my front door everyday

Jennifer said...

There's a wreath on the house down the street...

This is why I don't decorate much, and especially outside! I would totally be guilty.