Friday, April 24, 2009

Desk Done

In spite of spilling paint on the lawn, I finally finished that desk that I wrote about a while back.

Here's another look at the monstrous little thrift store find:

There's a keyboard slide-out above when some child has marked in orange sharpie. Except it's missing a lip.

Here you can see where K replaced it (after I'd given the rest its first coat):

That was before I dropped the paint.

Here's a look at the accent color around the panel of one of the drawer fronts:

It didn't work. I originally had it around the trim of the desk, too. Yuck.

Now, here's the fun part. I bought this placemat at BB & B for $1.99:

And because I stink at measuring, I made a template out of wax paper for the center of the door front:

And used it to measure my placemat:

And cut:

Stuck the placemat on the center panel and added new knobs (from Target):

And here's my new desk:

I'm not sure why, but I'm noticing a pattern. I seem to have found a way to sneak a tropical print into three different rooms. As much as I'd like to, I cannot stick to the Craftsman thing. My inner colonialist, Empire-building Queen Victoria gets to me every time.

It's not that I love the tropics. I don't, particularly. I'm just drawn to the colonial thing.

Or maybe I just like leaves? I really do like leaves.


Jayne said...

What a good idea that placemat is! It makes the whole thing "click", doesn't it? I love before-and-afters of thrift store finds. Oh, and I have the same knobs from Target on my bathroom medicine cabinet.

Why S? said...

Thanks, Jayne. I'm typing at the desk right now. It's a little like being at a resort. Now if only someone would bring me room service.

modernemama said...

So neat, and original. I love it

NV said...

That turned out great! Nice work. And I'm with you. Room service would be awesome. :-)

sewingchick said...

You could do what I did with my garage sale desk which also had a busted keyboard pull out tray (though I don't think it was busted when I got it... I think I broke it shortly thereafter). I hung a tension rod and fabric down there (and that's where I hide the 10 packs of diapers we have).

PS. The desk looks fantastic! I love the drawer pulls :)

goddessof4 said...

It turned out great!!!

Why S? said...

Thanks, MM & NV.

Hi Sewing Chick - what an idea. Come to think of it, I do need a place to hide cat supplies.

Hi Goddess - Welcome back.

Above the City said...

Always try to sneak some of the tropics into your house!

LBTudor said...

Very cute.

Alice said...

WOW! I am looking at Home Improvement explained step by step and it doesn't bore me! I loved it! That tropical cropped placemat definitely set the tone! You are very talented, Yolanda! Art on the front yard. Minimal expense. P.S. I don't like the knobs; it shakes off the whole tropical or colonial or autumn leaves effect. Maybe some leaf-shape knobs, definitely brown or ocre. Cogito, ergo sum. Kudos, Y!