Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Did You Do for Mother Earth Today?

My Earth Day was as any other work day for me. I drove my car the 13 miles to work. Will drive it back home as soon as I finish this post.

At least I didn't drive it out for lunch today, preferring the nutrition of popcorn enjoyed at my desk.

But I did one thing. Last night I brought home my office shredding. I will use it in lieu of colored tissue in birthday gifts this weekend. I will also be using hoarded shopping bags instead of fresh new gift bags. The recipient will not be receiving a gift from Victoria's Secret. It will only appear that way. The gift itself is made from recycled materials.

This is part of our "reduce your carbon footprint" birthday celebration. My plan is to actually take the subway to my destination on Sunday. I've only taken the LA subway system twice before. I'm a little anxious. Don't know why. I've traveled by underground rail all over London, New York, Mexico City, Rome, Paris and in cities I've forgotten. Why does this adventure in my own city seem so exotic ?

Here's a funny thing the birthday girl just sent me: On the first Earth Day in 1970, Time Magazine noted: At the Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington last week, a delegate from Mississippi declared: "Subversive elements plan to make American children live in an environment that is good for them."

Heaven forbid that American children should live in an environment that is good for them.

Happy Earth Day.

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Jen said...

I re-use gift bags all the time.

The tiny V.S. bags make great lunch sacks.

My thoughts is the little things. The little things add up.