Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Bungalow Heaven Home Tour Time Again!!!

I think I might be hooked on home tours. On April 26th, I’ll be attending the Bungalow Heaven Home Tour for at least the 4th year in a row. Last year I took my mother-in-law. This year I’ll be taking two friends as a birthday present. Home tour as present? How house-geeky is that? It’s the first BHHT for my friends, but they swear they’ve always wanted to go and just never got around to ordering tickets. After this year, maybe they’ll be hooked too.

Here’s what I love about the Bungalow Heaven Home Tours. They satisfy two needs. One – I learn about restoration of Craftsman style bungalows and get ideas and inspiration for my own home renovation and Two – I get to play the voyeuse. I love looking into other people’s houses. I love to see the choices they’ve made in their renovations. I love to imagine the lives they live and how they spend their time at home. I love to imagine myself living in these beautifully restored historic homes.

I prefer to take my neighborhood walks in the evening. Why? So as not to soak up too many UV rays? Nah. So that I can peek into lit windows. I love looking into other people’s houses. If everyone in my neighborhood would sell tickets and let me look into their houses, I’d buy them.

Maybe that’s why I go to theatre – to glimpse into the lives of people who are not I. (actually, that’s exactly why I go to theatre.) There is little in our lives that is as revealing as the choices we make for our homes, especially if we’ve endured a long renovation to get what we got.

This year’s home tour is a week from Sunday so you still have time to plan. Tickets are usually available on the day of the tour if you like the last minute kind of thing.

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Puna said...

Can't wait to for the pictures! I love that bungalow style.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

There's nothing more fun than a good house tour, in my opinion! I'd love to go to one with bungalows. We've never had one like that around here.

It's fun to get glimpses into other peoples' lives. I like to take walks in the evenings, too! :-)

NV said...

I guess that makes me a house geek, too! (But you knew that, right?) And, considering that this is something the recipient has always wanted to do – but never done for themselves – I think it’s a fantastic gift. Hopefully, this is something you’ll find yourself doing with these friends every year!

-Julie said...

He he he, I love looking in peoples homes too. I befriended our realtor so we can still "shop" without really being on the market, lol.

Mary Beth said...

What a great gift for your friends-and you. Have a wonderful time on the tour.

Terry said...

Way better than going to the movies.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

OH MY GOSH! Has it already been a year????

Home in Cambridge said...

Too funny! I have always preferred walks at dusk to get glimpses inside houses. And when I lived in New Haven for a couple of years I ended up with two photo albums of my favorite houses from my daily walk - and not a single photo of friends or coworkers.

I've been hooked on house tours for years despite working as a real estate agent and getting to gawk inside houses every day. Before that I was an archivist and got to read people's letters and diaries.


smhilbert said...

We invite you to the 21st Annual Home Tour this year too! April 25, 2010, 10am-4pm. Complete info on ... and visit us on Facebook, where we have a fan page full of photos and great info!