Monday, April 6, 2009

The Taxman Stinketh

Sorry, Eugene O'Neill. But he does. Stinketh, that is.

All day this past Sunday I procrastinated. Then, at around 7:30, I could dally no longer. I had to do our taxes this weekend so that I could have a buffer weekend in case anything went wrong.

The only bit of information with which I was fully prepared before firing up the Turbo Tax was the cost of the six new windows we bought last year. Didn't have my donation details handy. Had to scrounge around for vehicle registration info. Totally forgot about gathering up the interest earned statements (not that there was so much anyway.) But I knew exactly how much we spent on the windows. Since we dropped a fair chunk of change on windows in '08, I have been ready for that tax credit all year.

But when I got to the part about energy saving home improvements, there was no prompt for declaring new energy efficient windows and doors. Just a bunch solar panel this and hybrid that. Blah, blah, blah.

What tha????

Well . . . checking the IRS web site, I found this disturbing little tidbit:

"The non-business energy property credit for insulation, exterior windows, exterior doors, furnaces, water heaters and other energy-saving improvements to a main home is not available in 2008 but will return in 2009."

That woeful bit of information can be found at:,,id=202106,00.html

There's some kind of Ottoman Empire tax credit but nothing for new windows???

And the only year the credit is not available is for the year that we bought most of our new windows??? Which are the last windows we're going to buy, by the way. That's it. We aren't buying windows in 2009. Every god-awful crappy window in this god-forsaken house has been replaced and most of them were replaced in 2008, the one year they're not giving out the credit???

Yep. He stinketh, all right.


Jayne said...

I had a similar experience--I spent lots of money on attic insulation and had the receipt all ready to enter theinformation. My jaw dropped when I found the same little tidbit you did. Very disappointing.

Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

You should check with a tax guy next year. I think you can still claim the credit on your taxes next year.

NV said...

I don't feel the pain as badly as you, but had the same thing when looking for credit for our new water heater from last year ...

I didn't feel TOO badly because I was able to get a bit o'credit when I did 2007 taxes last year for the two new storm doors we purchased!