Friday, April 3, 2009

Survey LA

If you're wandering around downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, the 4th, looking for something to do, I suggest you check out the meeting of SurveyLA, the Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey, held by The Office of Historic Resources at the LA Central Library - I wish I'd known about this before but I just found out about it this morning.

The official description from their web site is:
SurveyLA – the Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey – is Los Angeles' first-ever comprehensive program to identify significant historic resources throughout our city. The survey marks a coming-of-age for Los Angeles' historic preservation movement, and will serve as a centerpiece for the City’s first truly comprehensive preservation program.

Also from their site:

The groundbreaking citywide Historic Resources Survey will serve as the primary planning tool to identify, record and evaluate historic properties and districts within Los Angeles, and will form the foundation for a comprehensive and proactive municipal historic preservation program.

Because 85% of Los Angeles has never been surveyed, City officials, preservationists and community leaders cannot know all significant historic resources throughout the city. Frequently, preservation advocates or neighborhood associations initiate a last-ditch effort to save a historic building or structure, often at the point when a demolition permit is pending or a planning entitlements process is already underway. When this occurs, property owners or developers understandably feel blind-sided, having already performed due diligence on a property and found no indication of historic designations. Property owners and developers frequently maintain that they want greater certainty -- if they have information about a site up-front, they can plan accordingly.

You can check it out for yourself at Maybe you could help turn your own neighborhood into an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

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