Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Almost Groundhog Day Already!

C'mon people! Don't you think it's about time you packed up the Christmas decorations?

I swear, all the following pics were taken today, Groundhog Eve.

No matter how long you leave the light-up reindeer on the porch, Santa's not coming back to collect him:

And he's not coming for these guys either:

And what's with this sad former nativity scene depicted in plastic? How is it reduced to a lonely St. Joseph and a single Magus?

Where are the plastic Christ Child and the petro-chemical Mary? What's really bugging me is, where the heck are the other Magi?

Maybe they didn't want to stick around to play basketball?


Jayne said...

That's hilarious! Friday night I was driving to the store and noticed that a couple people still have their Christmas trees up & lighted. What the heck?!

NV said...

I still see an occasional wreath or tree here and there but this wins the prize! :-)