Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The L.A. Times Covers the Prison Performance

For those who know us and who care, and even for those who don't - this very nice article appeared in Tuesday's Los Angeles Times:,0,5707585.story

Very, very nice. That's all I have to say today.


Jayne said...

Wonderful coverage. I wish I could see the play. I admit to being a bit closer to the situation than most folks: my foster brother, a few years out of high school, took part in a robbery of a convenience store in which a clerk was murdered. (Willie was not the shooter, but he did rob the man at gunpoint.) The statement that "Prison does not define you; it's just a circumstance" describes Will's experience in ten short words.

Why S? said...

Wow, Jayne. That must have been tough on your family. I think most of us are not defined by our circumstances, yet the circumstance is an easy way for the rest of us to categorize others. Most of us are not defined by our jobs; it's just a circumstance. Most of us are not defined by our communities; ofen they are just circumstances. No single thing defines any person. We are all too complex for that. Maybe that's where the challenge of compassion come in, to see through and beyond the obvious circumstances and find the individual. I'm not good at it but your example reminded me that I (we all) have to work harder at it.

Why S? said...

doh! please forgive the typos in my earlier comment.