Monday, February 16, 2009

Sinkin' Lincoln

I can’t believe it’s President’s Day weekend and I am without an appropriate President-related topic. I have been too consumed with housework to do my homework.

However, I have adopted a new habit lately. Someone told me about it a while back; it’s called Sinkin’ Lincoln. The idea is that an easy way to save money is to put away any $5 bills that one receives as change from a purchase. I rarely see a $5 bill so I shouldn’t miss the few I would tuck away.

Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I embark upon this plan I bought a $4 sandwich, paid with a $20 bill and got back three 5s in change. Now my sandwich has cost me $20.

Since then, more 5s have crossed my path than ever before. Who knows where this could lead? I’ll either finally be able to retire or I won’t be able to pay my bills because I’ll be hoarding a good chunk of my salary in the form of $5 bills.

The person who suggested this saving technique said she was able to pay for a vacation to Ireland. Mmm. That’s a load of Lincolns. She also wasn’t sure if the scheme was called Sinkin’ Lincoln or Thinkin’ Lincoln. "Sinkin’" makes more sense to me so I go with that one. "Thinkin’" suggests that I’ll be going around practicing more charity and less malice. Worthy goals, for sure. I’ll keep that plan in mind for next year.

However, my own experience has also shown that Thinkin’ Lincoln may also be true. Since starting this scheme, a lot more $5 bills have come my way. Selective Consciousness? or Creative Visualization? They’re one and the same, really. One is just more pro-active. The Universe has shown me that if I want to put money away, I can. I just have to act in awareness. Awareness is everything. Thinking is everything. Too often I get caught up in the requirements of my day – getting to work, doing the laundry, cleaning the cat’s box – I leave out the time for the active engagement of magical thinking - - focusing on selecting from an infinite number of experiences that will fulfill my goals.

So - back to President’s Day. Not too long ago, who would have thought that the man who is now President would be in the White House now? He did. He dared to imagine it when the rest of us would have thought "no way." Talk about your magical thinking.

So maybe in addition to sinking away a few 5s every now and then, I’ll steal away 5 minutes a day to focus on some magic. Who couldn’t use a little magic these days?


Jenni said...

A pretty good idea. I may give it a try for a month and see what I come up with.

Jayne said...

That's a good idea about the magical thinking. I probably engage in too much of that as it is... :) I'd save $5, too, but I use my debit card for almost everything and rarely have cash. I might try that, though.

NV said...

I like your $5 + 5 plan. Sounds like a winning combo.

I've got a few fives hangin' around right now ...