Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why You Won't Be Coming to My Oscar Party

You would be invited. Really, you would. We'd have champagne and tasty little snacky things from Trader Joe's. Maybe I'd make my famous Acapulco Dip. I'd wear a new set of pajamas - 'cause that's how I like to watch the Oscars, dressed like Hugh Hefner. I'd welcome you to dress like Hugh as well.

The only thing is - I'm not have a viewing party. And this is (one) reason why -

Yep, that's our TV. Generally, when you choose a size for your television, the TV should be wider than the components. When the demolition of our public rooms began November 2007, we would spend the next eight months pretty much confined to our bedroom. There was no room for the old style 27 inch TV. We gave it away and moved this tiny thing from basement storage to the top of our dresser. Now it's out in the living room, tucked into a corner. And the truly sad part of this story? There's really no room in the living room for a new TV (and this one is definitely not staying!)

Because we've opened up the room to the dining room, we lost a wall there. One wall will have the big pocket doors. Can't put a TV there. And the two remaining walls have windows. Mmm - a conundrum.

We've discussed losing the satellite service anyway. That would be about a $1,000 a year saved. Besides, now that I've unpacked our books, I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

K has this crazy idea that once the house is done, we won't need HGTV anymore. Crazy, crazy idea.

Happy Oscar Sunday. I'll be thinking of you.

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