Saturday, February 7, 2009

On My Desktop? A Mean Looking Frog and a Meaner Cat

Jayne at The Kelly House prompted by Milah from From My Back Porch asks what is on our desktops. On my desktop desktop at home? This mean looking pair:

That garden "ornament" later met with a sad fate . . . involving a hacksaw . . . can you imagine?

The cat continues her fierce and terrible ways.


Jayne said...

I'd say that's really sad about the frog, but... :)

Beautiful cat!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I sent you an email and never heard back. Did your spam folder pick it up? Let me know and I can resend if you can't find it.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

The wall uncovering has begun! Thanks to you and K. I've decided not to drywall ANYTHING! Just plaster, plenty of heat guns, and a new living room in 3 weeks time. Very exciting. Will post photos very soon!

Sandy said...

Love the kitty!