Monday, May 26, 2008

The last thing I'll say about roaches, and then I'll shut up

While squealing and fussing over a single poor bug may seem both funny and perfectly appropriate, I imagine that anyone with real problems - say, someone living in Rangoon or Chengdu or Harare -would read my recent posts with a mix of incredulity and disgust (at me, not the bug).

As I enjoy the time to work on my own home this Memorial Day weekend, I want to be perfectly clear that I fully appreciate the blessings and privilege in my life. I am truly fortunate if the most immediate invader I have to worry about is a cockroach - and I never, ever forget that.

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Leslie said...

I am in complete agreement with you on both counts: roaches (*shuddergagsqueal*) are seriously worthy of [sometimes comic] complaint, and at the same time are one of those first-world problems that I also try to keep in perspective.

That said, do a google image search for cave crickets, and you'll see what we regularly find in our downstairs bathroom. They don't evoke the "ewww dirty nasty awful skank monster" response in me that roaches do, but they do make me wonder what nuclear waste dump bred them. And they jump - fast, high, and onto your feet when you're sitting on the toilet 3/4 asleep at 3am.

Just another first-world problem.

Thanks for your feedback in my blog, about my bathroom fixtures!