Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is that a door in your pocket?

Today was the day of the living room/dining room pocket doors.

Here's the track. This was all a mystery to me. I had really never given any thought to the magic of the pocket door.

First, K built the framework on the library side.

And here they are!

I don't have much to say on the process. Build the frame, hang the doors. The trick seems to be to get the little wheels correctly on the track. And they're awfully little wheels for such heavy doors. Seems to work, though. There are videos on YouTube to explain the process. The guy that voices them is kind of dry though. Very dry.

Tomorrow, Mr. U will come to help with putting up the drywall on the library side. As fascinating as the track system is, we don't want to look at it forever.

I am so happy with these doors. And I'm so glad we can give them a good home after they were wrested from their original home.

Later in the day, K was working on building additional storage around the fireplace, while I was upstairs simultaneously paying bills, researching our June vacation and looking for crap on YouTube - -multi-tasking.

He comes to the office door and asks if I could help him. "Sure," I says. Then he says, "I shot myself with the nail gun."


"Not the big one," he says, "just the little one."

He's fine. Some Neosporin, a bandage and he's back to work. He's a trooper.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you. Home improvement is not a game.

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Jenni said...

Those doors are breathtaking. WOW!