Sunday, May 4, 2008

Colonel Mustard and Lady Lavender

K worked not on but around the new windows this weekend. He caulked and he put up the temporary molding that will surround them until the old aluminum siding comes down. That part of the plan (bringing down the siding) is at least a year ahead. He also worked on the rooftop – finishing off the difference between the space left behind by the old chimney and the new fireplace vent. Unfortunately, he didn’t take pictures and I had no idea what he was up to until the work was all done.

While he did all that, I tested out the paint colors that I had in mind for the living room and dining room walls and all the ceilings. The intended wall color was Sherwin Williams Hubbard Squash, from their Arts and Crafts Preservation Palette. I had already painted a piece of board that was about 2.5" x 2.5" and I was about to show it off to a friend after last week’s window-lift-a-thon when K revealed that he had pitched the board in the trash. He thought I was "done with it." I hadn’t even started with it but he thought I was done with it. That’ll teach me about not keeping my things locked up.

The plan was Hubbard Squash above the wainscoting in the living room and dining room and Sherwin Williams Tealight on the ceiling. I was also considering Bunglehouse Blue in the library.

Bunglehouse Blue on a test door

The Bunglehouse Blue seemed like quite a contrast so I wasn’t feeling that confident about it. I’d also planned an even darker blue on two of the walls in the kitchen. It was supposed to have matched a small piece of tile that would be the behind-the-stove back splash. Well . . . That small bit of tile wasn’t blue. I finally had a look at it today (why I hadn’t really looked at it before, don’t ask) but the tile I thought was blue was actually various shades of purple.

Deep breath.

So I’m off to Sherwin Williams and I return with sample pitchers of Tealight and Mythical.

Once home, I bring out the sample pitcher of Hubbard Squash and painted an actual wall with it. I also painted part of the wall in Tealight. And then it hit me. It would be Tealight all around.

K thought the Hubbard Squash looked like mustard. I just thought it was muddy. But the Tealight seemed perfect, for both the walls and the ceiling. It was even right for the library.

Hubbard Squash


Hubbard Squash and Tealight meet

Why did I want all those different colors? One unifying color would make the rooms flow together – would make the whole space seem larger. Why would I want to draw attention each little room? Why shouldn’t they all be one continuous space? Why am I obsessed with contrasting ceilings?

And then there was the kitchen. I painted swatches of west and east walls in Mythical and I immediately loved it. The blue that I had in mind would have been too dark and too heavy with the black kitchen cabinets. Mythical was perfect. It’s actually lavender – like Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. I don’t have the cabinets up yet but I’m sure lavender will play off them better than blue would have. The cows will glow against it as will the glass knobs I have planned for the cabinets.

Mythical and Tealight together

Mythical on the east wall

This is a huge leap for me. Just knowing what the final colors will be I consider a huge, huge accomplishment. Even though the lavender Mythical is not part of the Arts and Crafts Preservation Palette I don’t care. I like it. K likes it. The cows will love it.

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MN Painters Network said...

Color is never an easy choice, but I always prefer Sherwin-Williams's color selection and quality.

--Mark the Painter
MN Painters Network