Monday, June 2, 2008

Say NO to Prop. 98 and also to parking lot petitions

If you are a voter in the state of California and tempted to vote in favor of Proposition 98 (which is ostensibly about eminent domain reform but, which in fact, will eliminate rent control in the state), consider that fanning the flames of class division historically does not bring peace or prosperity to either class.

Homeowners do need protection from improper eminent domain actions. But in seeking this protection, we should not destroy the hard won victories of rent control. The Kelo decision has divided the commercial property class against the homeowner class. As voters, we should not allow Proposition 98 to divide the homeowner class against the renter class.

If the authors of Proposition 98 truly intended to merely protect against eminent domain seizure, why would the elimination of rent control be included?

This is what comes of supermarket canvassing. Too many of us are signing petitions in supermarket parking lots. We don’t read the texts of what we sign. Some guy asks us if we want to advance what sounds like a good cause, in this case, eminent domain reform, and we sign. Then, enough of us either don’t vote or don’t understand the consequences of what we are voting for and bad laws are made.

Don’t throw our renter comrades to the wolves. We’re all better than that.

Thanks, Jenny Holzer

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