Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No estates for me, thanks.

Maybe I'm old fashioned. When I hear the word "estate" I think of something that might have belonged to the Biltmores or the Vanderbilts or Mary Pickford.

Or maybe the mortgage crisis has resulted in a redefinition of the word "estate."

This ad for burglar bars and security doors was in my daily junk mail recently. Apparently, the addition of these items will transform my house from a bungalow to an estate. And on approved credit, I won't have to pay for 12 months!

Most of my neighbors would be surprised to learn they are living on an estate. I wish I'd known all this before we removed all the burglar bars that came with our house. Little did I know I was downgrading instead of upgrading my home - like those people who put the popcorn ceilings in their Craftsman homes way back when.

My favorite part is where the ad touts "not prison looking." Now that's classy!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

nice... I totally need that for MY estate. All 800 sf of it. :)