Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tool Tell All

In my single days, the only tools I owned were a dime and a tap shoe.

Then, marriage made me the proud co-owner of a table saw, a tiger saw and a jigsaw. I never saw so many saws in my life.

But since buying the fixer-upper and since reading so many houseblogs, I am amazed at what others are able to teach themselves. I am amazed at the generosity of those who teach their knowledge of tool use. And I am always blown away by the variety of tools available and the many things they do.

Last week I wrote about the upcoming Before and After Contest at One Project Closer. Contests are always fun and before and after pictures are always fun but if you're not familiar with their site, the really practical element is their series of tool reviews.

Tools can be pricey. And just like I wouldn't see a movie without reading a review first, I can't imagine spending money on a new tool before reading a review. The thing about the OPC gang is they are homeowners with projects of their own so they share your perspective. Now, even as a tool-phobic klutz, I can also honestly say that I get a lot from the reviews too. I get ideas about what can be done. "Cause if you didn't know how people did it, and you've never seen it done before, how do you know if you're missing out on something that you might want to try for your own home? For example, in this month's giveaway (oh yeah, they have monthly giveaways, too) they have a jig for making pocket holes. "A what for making what?" you may ask. If you'd read their November review of the Kreg Jig, you'd know and you might even be thinking up some useful projects that call for pocket holes.

And who knew there was such a thing as an Electric, Hydraulic Log Splitter? Now say that ten times fast. If Lincoln had had one, things might have been completely different.

And I love that there's actually something out there called a "toe nailer." Or am I the only one who finds that funny?

In addition to the aforementioned giveaways, the site also has discount coupons and regular tidbits of knowledge shared from their own DIY experiences. There was even a recent tutorial on lock picking. We promise not to ask what you'll do with that information.

So anyway, before you even think of adding to your tool collection, if your haven't been following One Project Closer you have a lot to catch up on.


Jayne said...

"Toe nailer". Hee hee.

Why S? said...

That's what I thought.