Friday, May 29, 2009

Joseph and Balthazar Are Gone!

They're gone! They’re finally gone!

He's gone -

And he's gone -

Leaving behind only their previously unnoticed camel -

Now that they're gone, I kind of miss them. I never got to say shalom.

Where did they go? Were they finally taken in? If they were taken in, why would they leave the camel behind?

Were they stolen? Who needs that kind of karma?

Worse yet, did the homeowner see my blog (but forgot about the camel; I'd never photographed it before now.)

Even worse yet, did the homeowners see me taking photos? Did they think I was from the Stasi or the Lawn Ornament Police? Are they cowering in the dark, waiting for that knock on the door?

Will there be finger-pointing when they realize the camel is still out there, in full view of the Authorities?

So now, what do I do about these smiling jacks?


NV said...

Ordinarily, I'd be right there with you shaking my head at your neighborhood's odd sense of timing.

However, the last 24 have me thinking a wee bit differently. In light of that, I say life is short. Make every day a holiday!

Why S? said...

NV, I agree we should find something to celebrate in every day. But I also think each event deserves fresh decoration. Don't you agree?

Susan said...

Oh, this is too funny! Now would you have approved of our adding a lighted mechanical flamingo to our herd of Christmas Reindeer last year? Created quite a stir in our conservative neighborhood. I thought is was tastful, however. :)

Why S? said...

Susan, did you post a picture of that anywhere? Please give me the link. I must see it.

You've made me think though that as much as I mock my too lackadaisical neighbors, I would be really cranky if they were too uptight. Call me Goldilocks.