Monday, May 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Doors - Part I

Once upon a Time, our home had two front doors. The house had been converted to a duplex through a series of additions and weird reconfigurations.

This was the front door to our East Wing:

And this was the front door to our West Wing:

Around 1924, the original dining room was bumped out toward the front, probably eliminating a bay window and flattening the facade. We believe this door was original to that period. As a second front door, it faced the porch from the side, rather than directly facing the street as the other door does.

We spent a lot of our last Christmas break looking for salvaged Craftsman style doors. The trouble was, we didn’t want any windows or glass in the door, which kind of contradicted the Craftsman style. At that time we didn't find anything suitable. Then later, around March, K locked himself out of the house and had to break down the old door to get back in. That meant we had to rush find a new front door.

That’s when we came across this beauty at Santa Fe Wrecking Company:

Yes, it does have glass. But the row of glass is up so high, someone would have to be pretty tall to peek into our living room. Plus the price was right. $65. We couldn’t argue with that. Even if it were only a temporary door, it was a good deal.

And the here's the crappy lock set that came with the old East Wing door:

Naturally, it broke in the break-in so we also needed a new lock set. Not that we would have kept the old one anyway.

I found an Arts & Crafts style lock set from

I could have chosen to buy a similar lock/handle set here for only about $500 more. The difference? As far as I can tell, about $500.

When the new handle arrived, it seemed enormous. Like a door handle fit for a castle. Here's a comparison with my size 5 1/2 shoe:

Pay no attention the the crappy paint on the horrible aluminum siding. That's a project for summer 2010.

K preps the door for a little painting:

We decide on the color that will match our window trim and the edges of our front yard fence:

And here we are!

and the handle doesn't look that big anymore:

For the interior we went with Sherwin Williams' Hubbard Squash because we'd already used it elsewhere in the house.

Tomorrow, front door number two.


modernemama said...

Gorgeous red ... and I love the hardware

Jayne said...

Yeah, what she said! :)

Jenni said...

The hardware is great! Love it.

DesignTies said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know how I missed your comment on our blog with the link to this post. I'm sorry :-(

Number one, love the door style. Number two, love the Craftsman handle. And number three, LOVE the red!! It looks so rich and warm -- the perfect welcome to your home :-)

Guess it's a lucky thing K locked himself out!! ;-)

Kelly @ DesignTies