Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Followers" Returned

I put them back. I figured out that if you go to your Dashboard you have the option of blocking the creepier, spammier Followers. I left one that seemed kind of spammy but at least it is a real blog. Just seems like it's kind of arbitrary, like she's following as many blogs as she can to drive traffic back to her. That's the game I guess.

Between our Google apps, Facebook, Twitter and whatever comes along next, soon we'll all be within 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

In my experience, the only things that have any real effect on traffic are pictures of cars and half-naked women. By itself, that might be obvious. However, it extends to, say, 19th century marble sculptures of half-naked women - the one in my icon, for instance. Really. I'm not sure what this means.

MonkAre said...

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Why S? said...

Christopher, I would say your icon is more "comfortably" dressed. You wouldn't think spamming my blog has any effect of traffic yet every little hit helps.

Hey there MonkAre! Enjoying my blog are you? I'm sure you are. I'm sure you are, indeed. Thanks for making my point.

NV said...

I meant to say something to you about that, that you could block.

Yeah, the digital world is certainly an eclectic one to say the least. I have only had an errant comment or two in more than a year of active blogging and nearly two years since the blog was born.

Jenni said...

I got some spam followers. For some reason I do not have the Block button. I tried to fix it yesterday....but could not.
I need to try again.