Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Know You're NOT a Redneck If . . .

Don't ask why, but I get daily alerts on which videos are hot on the web. I want to share this one with you because with the title Rednecks Blow Up House with Cannon it combines two of my interests - houses and class division.

Who determines who is and isn't a redneck? Is that term not pejorative? How is it there are members of that group who embrace the term? What's next, The Cracker Comedy Tour?

Rednecks Blow Up House With Cannon

When I first saw our house, I remember staring up at the kitchen cabinets and the huge vent hood over the range, knowing that it would all have to be demolished. I couldn't imagine how that could be done. (what I really couldn't imagine was how it could be done without making a big mess. It couldn't.) After watching hours of HGTV I learned that for many people, the demolition is their favorite part of remodeling. Swinging a sledge hammer seems to be fun and games for many. For me, nothing involving dust and loud noises could possibly be considered fun.

If the guys in this video are the gauge, I guess I know I'm not a redneck.


modernemama said...

Well.... I guess it was kind of inventive but I sure hope that antique cannon wasn't damaged

NV said...

To me, demolition would only be “fun” if you got to beat the crap out of something you’ve long since hated. I can tell you that swinging a 14-pound sledge is no picnic. Especially when the object of your demolition is sidewalk. Four. Inches. Thick.

Maybe I should have considered a cannon … :-)

Why S? said...

Well, ModerneMama, I guess your concern for the safety of the antique cannon proves you're not a redneck.

And NV, you're not a redneck if the act of destruction is not a natural source of entertainment for you.

So far on The Hill, Us - 3, Rednecks - 0.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

In my experience, the fun is in smashing something, knowing that something more beautiful may come of it. It's mostly about releasing some energy.

I'm very cautious with regard to demolition - it's too easy to accidentially damage things. Also, cleaning up the mess is no fun. So I dislike demo, but for different reasons.

Blowing stuff up, though, could be quite fun, I imagine.

Why S? said...

Christopher, I'll put you down for borderline redneck.