Sunday, August 3, 2008

Don't mess with me, Mu$!

Ech! I had to do physical labor today. A woman and two helpers came by on Saturday morning and took away the last of the stack of hundreds of bricks that had once been our fireplace and chimney. She has a hundred-year old Victorian in Pasadena, so she was happy to have hundred-year old brick. I'm happy to have it out of my way.

But, they left behind a big bricky mess of chipped off mortar.

K said that he would clean it up. Like he doesn't have enough to do. The worst part is, he has a play opening next weekend, so this weekend he's deep into rehearsals, putting in 13+ hour days. So nothing is getting done on the house. And he's going to sweep up brick dust?

So I did it. No reason not to, other than my general prissiness. And my allergies. It did make me awfully sneezy but somehow I lived.

Once that job was done, I decided to sweep off the 17 steps that lead up to the house since the steps were also filthy with brick dust. With broom in hand, I decided I might as well sweep up the leaves the huge ficus tree dropped on the sidewalk. Then I decided to tear out some Bermuda grass that was taking over the parkway area. Nothing that I actually want will grow in that area but for some reason Bermuda grass always thrives. By then, it was like 2:00. I hadn't had breakfast and I was starving. I kept thinking I would be done very soon. I hadn't planned to spend all this time on this. I still had the back patio I wanted to sweep up and plants that needed to be watered.

And then I saw it . . .

I really didn't need this today. Some little punk had tagged my retaining wall with a Sharpie. It's hard to tell in the photo but in my best interpretation of Taggerglyph, it looked like it said Mu$ is Che.

I don't know anything about Mu$ and I suspect that Mu$ doesn't really know anything about Che. As far as Mu$ is concerned, Che is some guy on a T-shirt, but Mu$ wants to be him and I suppose that tagging a wall on somebody's home is his idea of a revolutionary act.

Hey, Mu$, why don't you go tag a house in Beverly Hills? I dare you. You could even take the bus. Get on the 304 right at the corner. It'll take you right into the residential district of Beverly Hills. You wouldn't even have to transfer. Use your Sharpie on the houses of the rich, why don't you? You're such a brave little revolutionary, why are you wasting your time preaching to the choir in Red Hill?

I finished my sweeping, found the paint for the wall, painted out the tag and then made myself some lunch.


NV said...

THAT really sucks! We try SO hard to make our homes nice -- and then kill ourselves to keep them that way -- and some grimy little punk ... I'd have never lived to adulthood had I done that as a kid!

Jayne said...

Ooooohhh, that just makes me mad!! What nv said!

goddessof4 said...

We had to replace a fence because there was graffiti on it.So now we are hoping since it is new it will stay graffiti free!!!

Why S? said...

Yes, it is frustrating. I caught a pair of punks in the act once. There were at a wall down the street. I yelled at them and they ran. But they were kids. A couple of weeks after, a woman was shot for confronting taggers. But that was in another (really bad)area.

Goddess, if your new fence is tagged, you must always paint it out right away. Otherwise, they'll get the exposure they want and keep coming back.