Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Think I Have a Sickness

It's likely not terminal, but there is definitely something wrong with me.

Otherwise, why would I have saved years of issues of Metropolitan Home?

Why did I even subscribe to Metropolitan Home? It's true that I live in a densely populated metropolitan area, but my 1909 kinda-sorta Craftsman is never going to have the look of the houses featured in Metropolitan Home.

OK, so I subscribed. No big deal. But why did I hold onto those issues all these years, thinking that when my home was ready to decorate that I would go back and refer to them.

What was I thinking?

And why do I have all these issues of Dwell?

I took the Met Homes to the office where they were gladly devoured but I'm not giving up the Dwells. No way. I'm holding on to the Dwells.

Here's where the magazines had been living -

- along with bird seed and spray cleaner. I have no idea where they'll go now that the area is about to undergo its face lift. But I'm keeping the Dwells. My excuse is that Dwell is really about the articles, not just the pretty pictures.

Anyway, what kind of a psycho subscribes to Metropolitan Home and Dwell and American Bungalow? Those three aesthetics have nothing to do with each other.

Is that a sickness or what?


NV said...

Nah -- You just like to read and clearly have a very diverse personality. No closed mind here!
My mother has a stash of Victorian and country living books. She purged a few years ago (I was so proud) and only kept about half.

Jennifer said...

I had about 40 This Old House and Real Simple magazines... I finally gave them all away! They are a little addictive... what if I NEED that tip later?

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the magazine addition and then being unable to let go -- that's what happens to most people's National Geographics. Glad you were able to purge a little. I'm proud that I finally clipped whatever articles I wanted from my 5 plus years of old Dwells and recycled the rest. For many issues I wasn't sure why I was keeping them. I'm going through years of This Old House next.

Why S? said...

Purge, purge, purge should be my new mantra from today forward. One would think that after years of living with my stuff either boxed up or in storage, I really don't need most of it. Yet, I can't wait to see it again.

drwende said...

You wanted the variety pack?

The purpose of holding onto magazines is to have something to read when you have an impacted wisdom tooth that announces itself on Friday night, and no dentist will see you until Monday morning. You drink whiskey and re-read magazines. It's traditional.

goddessof4 said...

I think most women hold on to things.I used to collect magazines but now I have notebooks with pictures that i really like for in our 100+ year old house i have run out of room!!!

Heidi Rodeo said...

I have the same disease with Wired.
It's as if just having it around will keep me ahead of the times. I just don't have the time to read it. At least the spines are decorative.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

I can't believe this post. I have the biggest collection of "unread" magazines and I can not get rid of them because I "have not gotten to them yet". I have every intention of reading them (atleast in my mind I think that). I also have boxes of torn out articles, photos, recipeds and other inspirations for life that I have never once referenced EVER in the history of ever. But I am convinced I might need the info on these tattered tear outs at some point. Its got to be a sign of some mental illness right?? The strangest thing is my reaction to your photo of the magazines-- "Throw them out" and yet I can't throw mine out? I think everyone should go clean out someone else's house because that is the only way there can be a real perspective here! ugh. Sorry I have now drank too much coffee this morning.