Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good News/Bad News - Part I

The GOOD NEWS is that, just in time for my birthday next weekend, we shall be receiving out of town guests. For one, a dear, dear, DEAR friend from college, whom I rarely see because he currently resides in NYC and hasn't visited our coast in years, is flying west just to help me celebrate. PLUS, K's daughter, K the Younger (aka Dr. K) is flying here with a friend. K the Younger lives in Auburn AL, where she does something scientific involving animals. Dead ones. She's kind of like an agricultural William Peterson, but not as arrogant. And she trains horses. Live ones. For fun and profit.

The plan is that K the Younger and friend will return to Auburn in the pick-up K inherited from his step-dad. As we approach the end of the remodel, the theory is that we will no longer need a pick-up and we certainly don't need a third vehicle to park. The younger K can use a pick-up, what with the horses and all. People with horses seem to need pick-up trucks in the way that people with children need mini-vans or SUVs. Us? All we need is more parking.

The BAD NEWS is that the house isn't ready to receive guests. And my friend, CK, (a lot of Ks in my life) has never seen the house, not even in it's truly awful state. I would have preferred to introduce him to it in its finished state - or its truly awful state. But not in this, "we're almost there but not quite state." Oh well. I'll just be happy to see him.

Oh, and one more thing. With uninstalled appliances and still-in-their-boxes kitchen cabinets taking up valuable space, I have nowhere to put all these people.

I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. In three days.

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NV said...

Oh well. THEY won't mind. They're coming to see YOU. A house tour is just a bonus. (My philosophy: If they don't like it or want to get technical about it, they can go home.) :-)

Enjoy the time and happy early birthday!