Friday, August 22, 2008

What Would Jeannie Do?

You know how you're always seeing stories about an image of Jesus in a tortilla or a vision of Mary in a muffin tin? And then the owners of these hallowed products go on to sell them on Ebay, (because that's what Jesus would want) and the buyer is usually the online gambling site, who buys the item purely for the publicity value (again, exactly what Jesus would want).

On Red Hill, we have our own miraculous vision which has come to us in the form of a patch of varnish that has come off a crappy interior door that came with the house.

Except, instead of any member of the Holy Family, we have what appears to be I Dream of Jeannie.
Do you see it too?

The little bun with the pony tail looping down? I even imagine that scarf, which I believe Jeannie abandoned in the later seasons.

This resemblance is as good as any image that makes the news.

I wonder how much our door would fetch on Ebay?


NV said...

OMG, it IS Jeannie! when you open the door does it make that bwwwwwwwing noise that she always did when she was appearing, disappearing, or commanding objects?! too funny ...

Jayne said...

Only one way to find out if she'll fetch as much as the venerated Jesus Cheeto--sell the Jeannie Door on eBay!

Why S? said...

Heck yeah, NV, it makes the bwwwwing noise. Doesn't do much good though since it's never once granted a wish. Not one.

But . . . maybe a wish will be granted if can sell it on Ebay. I'll keep you posted, Jayne.