Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm sorry! It's all my fault!

Your line at the supermarket today was moving along just fine - then I got into it. So even though you might have been 3 or 4 people ahead of me, the moment I chose that line it stopped moving for you. Maybe the lady at the head of the line paid with a check and had to do the math before moving on. Or maybe the coupon clipper had a bunch of coupons that didn't quite match the items in his cart. Or maybe the cash register ran out of tape and the checker had to call for a replacement roll.

Whatever happened, I take full responsibility. It would have happened in any line I selected. I'm talented that way.

But if I did bring your grocery shopping to a grinding halt today, you have at least one thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving - that you were buying your own groceries. You weren't at a food bank. You weren't dependent on the remnants of a generous farmer's harvest. You are not doing without.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.


NV said...

Funny, I have that gift, too! :-)

And I had seen that clip on the news the other day and just shook my head. A true testimony to just how tough things really are.

You bet I'm grateful that with all my worries, that's not one of them.

Have a happy and blessed holiday!

Sandy said...

And I, too, am gifted that way...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

Me tooo....meee tooo.
I have that problem in lines.

Jennifer said...

I work in Weld County... it is often the richest county per capita in the US I've been told... but the divide is STARK. There are very rich and very poor, an dnot much in between.