Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally! A Useful Invention

A package came in the mail today. It was from my sister, J. In celebration of our new wood floors, she sent me a gift I can actually use - Slipper Genie™! They're slippers with microfiber chenille soles. At last, I can clean my floors as I walk through the house. No trip to the fridge will be wasted (only waisted). No need to feel guilty that my evenings are not spent housecleaning.

The packaging says they fit sizes 6 to 9. That's quite a range.

The microfiber chenille on these babies is soft, soft, soft! Too bad it doesn't line both sides of the sole.

The package comes with a list of warnings. They include "Do not slide or run." Ok. "Do not use on carpet." Got it. And "Do not use if your balance is not stable." Not a problem. I believe I previously mentioned my excellent sense of balance. I'm surprised they didn't also list "Do not use while intoxicated." They do mention that the slippers "are not a toy." I guess that means I won't be engaging them in any home puppet theatre action. That's an unfortunate loss.

I'm now going to walk around the house for a while. Out of the way, dust bunnies!

Thanks, J!


Jayne said...

Those are so cute! It'd be kinda fun to scuff along in those slippers cleaning the floors as you go.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Housecleaning slippers. :)

Why S? said...

and they feel good on the feet, too.

NV said...

What a cool invention and an awesome gift!