Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Close to Home

You may have heard this story about a home that exploded on Christmas Eve due to a gas leak. And when I say "exploded," I don't mean there was an explosion; I mean blasted out of existence, blown to smithereens (whatever a "smithereen" is.)

One man was killed and others were seriously injured, including a Pacific Gas & Electric worker . A number of neighborhood residents had reported smelling gas but the gas company did not respond immediately and then did not evacuate the neighborhood.

I'm posting it here because the destroyed home is just around the corner from my parents' house. Fortunately, they weren't home at the time because they were visiting me.

Authorities are still investigating but it could have happened anywhere, to anyone. The people in the house were just spending their Christmas Eve together, preparing for the holiday as many of us were. Then, it was all gone in a flash. Literally.

It could have been my parents' house. Heck, it could have been my house. It could have been your house.

We can't dwell on why it happened to those people and not to any of us. We can only count our blessings and take no moment for granted.

Perhaps this incident should inform our resolutions for 2009?


NV said...

True dat! We take SO much for granted. Especially now, when things are so bleak for so many, we need to be grateful for even the smallest of blessings.

Glad it wasn't you or yours and that they weren't injured.

Jenni said...

Scare - ry.
Really makes one think about the important things.

Happy New Year.