Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Larder

Now that most of the kitchen cabinets are in, I got to take the food we'd been storing in the big, ugly Rubbermaid thing,

and put it away in the cabinet of the Lazy Susan. What an insult to that ingenious device. She's not lazy at all!

Why do I have so many cans of black bean soup? Why do have so many cans of garbanzo beans? It's true, I do love garbanzo beans. Maybe I have a fear of running out. I think I couldn't see everything I had in the big, ugly Rubbermaid thing. The Lazy Susan should solve that problem. Now all my provisions will be visible at the flick of a wrist.

Here's the weird thing (and it's so weird, it doesn't even sound believable to me), this is the first time in over 20 years that we are able to store food in the kitchen. Up until now, we've had to find storage in other rooms, usually in some little storage unit that was meant to hide media. We just had too much dishware and glass ware and what-all ware taking the valuable kitchen shelf space. There was no room left for food. When we packed to move, I counted over two dozen martini glasses. There is no room for black bean soup, or even garbanzo beans when you are sheltering that many cocktail glasses.

But this time, the secret is that the food gets to move in first. The martini glasses are still in a box in storage. Except for a pair kept out, I haven't seen them for almost six years. Ha! Won't they be surprised! But they'll be fine. There's still plenty of shelf space left. They wouldn't have liked the Lazy Susan anyway.


NV said...

Congrats! That sounds marvelous.

I understand about the cabinetry. Ours are just a weird size where NOTHING seems to fit. (Cereal,snack boxes ... anything taller than a cake mix, and forget it!)

Jenni said...

I am so looking forward to cabinets, and taking the dishes out of boxes.

One day...maybe in 10 years or so....