Friday, September 26, 2008

The Floor Man Cameth, and Wenteth and Will Cometh Again

Remember our bowed living room floor? About a month after that post, the Floor Man returned to start work on leveling the floor. I just didn't get around to posting about it.

Not only was the floor lower around the edges than in the middle, it was softer, too. Back in those days, in this modest area, they didn't waste the good wood on the whole floor. They figured the middle section would be covered with a rug so the prime wood was only for the part that would peek out around the edges.

It just occurred to me that that may be the reason the floor settled differently, two different kinds of wood.

So, the Floor Man and his crew came and leveled us off and in the process, ripped out all the old floor in the living room. It's a shame. It was one of the only original parts of the house that remained, other than the framework. But there was no way we could make it work with the floors in the other rooms, all of which were a wreck, all covered with nasty vinyl adhesive.

Floor Man and crew then put down plywood . . .

. . . on which will lie our Red Oak . . .

But then, our Red Oak was on back order. At first, we wanted to get it from Lumber Liquidators, but they didn't have it. Then, we decided to order it from the Floor Man because we liked the colors available from him better than the colors that came from Lumber Liquidators. But his oak was on back order as well - for two weeks. Okay, we could be patient.

Well, yesterday was the day for the Red Oak to be delivered and come in and sit a spell and get to know us better before being nailed to this house for eternity.

Except that somebody ordered White Oak.

So now we wait. We wait for the wood and then we'll wait for Floor Man to find time to come back.

If she can be patient, I suppose we can be too.


Jayne said...

I just hate waiting--I have no patience at all.

Sandy said...

Me, neither, Jayne! I loved the little kitteh sitting there!!

Why S? said...

Well, the beauty of our house is that there is a lot more to work on. While we're waiting for the floor, there's always the window frames to stain, and the wood paneling, too (which might be going up today).

fred@opc said...

Very exciting. It is a little sad to see the original wood covered by the ply - but I'm sure the red oak will be fantastic!