Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Few Words About Daylight Saving Time

The cat tried to wake us up. We thought that she thought we would be late for work. Silly cat. It's Sunday. Let us sleep. K wasn't expecting the workers (Mr. U and Mr. A) for another hour.

We should have listened to the cat. The gentlemen were here at the appointed starting hour of 9 am, while I was still brushing my teeth and only thinking about a trip to Starbucks.

We had forgotten about the change of clocks.

I never understood this odd custom. Where is the light being saved? There was just a story in the news this week about how no energy is being saved and, if anything, more is actually being used to make up for additional heating and cooling costs. But the thing that really bothers me is the idea that we can just change clocks to suit our needs whenever we want. What's the point of having a clock if what it tells us means so little? Why can't we change other tools of measurement, like yardsticks (if we run out of molding) or better yet, bathroom scales?

She knows what time it is, but she doesn't know that the top of the ladder is not a step.


Jenni said...

I like the Red Hill Header. Also the kitty on the top "not a step" step is cute. I always use that step as a chair.

Fred said...

I was just thinking someone needs to tell that cat that is "not a step" and jenni beat me to it!

DST is an odd phenomenon; but I do think clocks are here to serve us (rather than vice versa)... Its funny how I feel so "subject" to DST... I have flex time at work and can basically come and go whenever. But, I feel like i get "more day" after DST kicks in.

Enjoy reading your blog...