Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Clock is Ticking!

Today is our reverse three month anniversary. Three months from today, June 20, 2008, is my target date for the completion of the interior remodel. Yeah, yeah, you're never completely done. I know. But on that date I want to have enough done to say our house is livable.

June 20th because a) June 21st is K's birthday and what a great birthday present it would be to know that the Big Job is finally done and b) because June 26th is our really BIG ANNIVERSARY and even if we don't get to go away on a nice trip somewhere, what a great anniversary present it would be to know that the Big Job is finally done.

So, what tasks remain?

Walls - The drywallers are finishing up this week on the library, living room, dining room, kitchen, stairway. Then it's on to Priming, Painting, Wainscoting and Moulding for the above rooms.

Other projects include (in not necessarily the right order):

- Installing the whole house fan

  • in our possession and ready to go (this weekend?)

- Fireplace

  • Installing the new fireplace (which we have in our possession)
  • Building the fireplace facade
  • Creating the new mantel
  • Selecting and ordering tile for the fireplace facade
  • Tiling the fireplace facade

- Kitchen

  • Installing the kitchen cabinets (on order)
  • Installing tile mural back splash behind the stove (in our possession since about 2004)
  • Buying the new stove (and the new dishwasher, the new refrigerator and the new range hood)
  • Installing all of the above appliances

- Doors

  • Installing library/living room pocket doors (2)
  • Installing kitchen/hallway pocket door (1)
  • Installing closet door
  • Finding and installing new front door (somewhere in here I'm sure there will be some stripping, sanding, sanding, sanding, staining involved)

- Stairway/Mudroom

  • placing glass block in the upper window
  • covering banister with veneers and moulding (trust me)
  • painting
  • re-covering treads and risers

- Library
  • Building bookcases
  • Building window seat

- Buying and installing the new hardwood floors

- Hooking up door bell.

I think that's it. Could there possibly be anymore? Probably.

Can it be done in 3 months? Got to be. We're going to have a lot of celebrating to get to.


Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

That's quite a list. My projects usually take a bit longer than I plan for. Sometimes it's simply waiting for things that I didn't order far enough in advance. Anything your planning on ordering (that you haven't)?

Why S? said...

I have to order kitchen appliances. But I don't think they will create a problem. I think the real problem may be the pocket doors. They'll probably be salvaged so it's a question of finding the the right ones.

pedalpower said...

Wow. Are you hiring some of it done? Good for you if you can get it done quickly. Take it from me, a 20 year remodel as you go is not always pleasant. Sometimes I thought (think) I'd go insane. Really, push for that deadline...you'll be glad you did!