Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

No need to call the authorities. Don’t search the streets and alleyways. For God’s sake, don’t dredge the river. I’m here. I’ve just been busy, engaged in other pursuits.

I have a tiny brain, no greater in size than that of a marmoset.

And while I can be quite obsessive in thought, I can only entertain one obsessive thought at a time. For the past few months, that one thought has been that other pursuit. For seven years I obsessed about the remodeling of the house. When that was done (or done enough for now), I was free to obsess on the obsessions that I entertain more naturally, the obsessions of my natural inclinations, if you will. Sometimes this other obsession entails prancing about in front of people, saying words that are not my own.

And when I am obsessing about that other thing, I cannot write a blog about my house – or about my neighborhood – or about my property – or about my conflicted feelings about my property.

And when I am trying to learn that other thing or create that other thing, it leaves me little or no time for your thing.

Believe me, I do care about your kitchen remodel. I care about your dining room. I definitely care about your master bedroom re-do and your beloved little terrier.

But I just can’t keep up with it all. So please forgive me and allow me some time to catch up.

I’m only one blogger, with too little time and way too many interests for one lifetime.

Still, not to worry, I haven’t left this lifetime yet.


Jayne said...

No apology necessary here. I sometimes wish I was capable of focusing on one thing at a time. :)

Why S? said...

Thank you, Jayne. I was glad to see your projects moving along even without me. Congrats. It's all looking great.

brismod said...

Ha! I know you care. Good to hear that you are alive and well though. Happy New Year and best wishes for your new pursuits. xx

modernemama said...

Thank you for caring - I've been a little preoccupied myself the past few weeks and I'm just catching my breath before the next wave!