Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here's a house in my 'hood that went from this:

to this:

Brava to the flipper who is undertaking this challenge.

One small blessing for us is that we don't have stucco to contend with - just some godawful aluminum siding. Maybe this'll be the year? Keeping my fingers crossed.

See the story here at The Eastsider LA.


brismod said...

So much better already. More people should undo poor renovation choices of the past. xx

Jayne said...

I agree, it looks a million times better already. But then, you know how I am about people peeling back the yucky exteriors of their houses. :)

Kate R said...

Definitely an improvement. The house actually has character now instead of looking like a giant beige marshmallow.

Why S? said...

Isn't it amazing how some people think that fewer details and less character is better?

I suppose, though, it was all about maintenance. Like many ugly things, stucco asks for so little.

Above the City said...

Wow! So cool.

More stripteases needed around town for sure.

Why S? said...

@Above the City - indeed, "more stripteases, fewer strip malls."

house for sale Philippines said...

Nice house. Like it.


Wyatt Fisk said...

Thank goodness they got rid of that horrible stucco! I'm going to echo lots of the sentiments here and say, even unfinished, the house looks so much better now! I hope more people do things like this, bringing out a home's true character rather than hiding it with "plastic surgery" house stucco. Cool find, thanks for sharing!

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