Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kicking Up Dust

I've spent the past 4 days cleaning construction dust off of everything. It's not like it's such a big house but I'm very slow at cleaning and everything needed a wipedown, even the soles of all my shoes. And kitty doesn't know it yet, but she has an appointment for a bath on Sunday.

If you think she looks mad here, just wait until Sunday.

But the good news is that the worst has passed. The walls are all primed and ready for the next step. Several of the new windows have arrived and are waiting to be picked up.

Why were these louvered windows ever invented in the first place?

The glass block is up in the back entryway.

Safe from the prying eyes of the 2nd story tenants next door.

The fireplace is in and just waiting for a new, more curvaceous vent. The original straight one didn't reach the roof.

This pic is without the vent parts in place. The wooden box to the right is where the whole house fan will vent while providing a nice high perch for kitty.

The whole house fan is in. We just need to paint the ugly white vent that came with it.

Fan exposed

Fan with ugly vent

And the bottom step of the stairs no longer extends into the doorway of the bedroom!

The bottom step used to overlap the doorway by about 4 inches.

And, great news, K scored on a pair of beautiful, mahogany pocket doors! He found them at Santa Fe Wrecking Company and they're in excellent condition. That means no stripping, staining or sanding (for this project at least.)

Pic is door on it's side.

The doors were salvaged from a Craftsman in Pasadena that was torn down to build condos. Sad. But we're happy we can give them a good home.

And speaking of Pasadena, is anyone going to the Bungalow Heaven Home Tour on April 27th?


Jen said...

Lovely doors. Great find.

Jan Marie said...

I agree about the louvered windows. They are a pain to clean.

Why S? said...

Yes, they're a pain to clean AND they don't seal so when it's cold outside it's cold inside.