Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Weekend Means 2 More Windows!

The two windows in the living room are in.

Ecch! Here's the ugly thing that was there before.

On Saturday, K prepared the first space to receive its replacement;

And on Sunday, he worked on the second space.

This is the old window that faced the porch. It'll probably take a trip to the Habitat for Humanity store in Pasadena.

View of the two empty spaces from the porch.

From the living room.
How many ladders do we have?

With a helping hand from a friend on Sunday, the two new windows were in!

The new side window

The new front window

The space left by the former front window wasn't exactly square;

The kitten imagines her view of the squirrels can only get better.


Jenni said...

Those are very pretty! What an improvement.

Wanderluster said...

The new windows look great! They'll really brighten up your space.