Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot Enough?

I’ve heard people say that Los Angeles has no seasons. Those people have never lived in Los Angeles.

We have seasons.

We have Awards Season

We have the Bowl Season

We have Fire Season

and we have the Holiday Shopping Season

And in between each season there are subtle changes in weather.

Or not so subtle.

For example, last Friday was pleasantly perfect. Yesterday it was ridiculously hot, somewhere in the 90’s. And as I type this it is 93 degrees outside.

And it’s only mid-April.

Of course, as soon as we take the comforter off the bed, the nighttime temperature will drop by 20 degrees. It’s a little game we play with the gods every year. They always win.

I’ve started taking more frequent walks in my neighborhood. The problem is that I am not an early riser and by the time I manage to drag my lazy self out onto the pavement it is already up into the high 80’s.

Oooh, but what a pleasure it is to return to my cool, cool house. Way too many trees shade us on our eastern side but they are much appreciated on these days. And all the insulation recently stuffed into the walls and into the attic will really make a difference this summer, otherwise known as Hollywood Bowl Season.


Ethan said...

Sounds like the high temperatures around here mid summer. We get a good amount of humidity too. That's really what gets me.

Why S? said...

Ah, humidity. I think that would put me over the edge. Except that low to zero humidity is a major contributor to Fire Season. Tough call.

Jennifer said...

I'm always so glad to live in Colorado... the nights get nice and cool because ther is NO humidity! We love our trees, too... aren't they great for shade and keeping houses cool!

ex-door neighbor said...

...and mudslide season, followed by windfall insurance season...followed by rebuilding season...(then shake (optional), bake and recycle).

Funny, today my folks and I were talking about how they missed CA I guess it really does exist and they are from NY. Oh, by the way, I also go by the nickname I swings wide....