Sunday, September 12, 2010

and How Should Any of Us Move Forward?

I got sidetracked in yesterday’s post. Started on one path – diverted on a tangent.

What I really wanted to write about on the anniversary was something I’ve observed in two friends on their Facebook posts. One wrote yesterday “How can this country ever recover its soul?” Another recently wrote that he fears that economically, America is doomed.

The first friend is a liberal. The latter is a fiscal conservative. Their fears lead in the same direction. I notice the same impulses in myself – wondering what our future will bring. Bankrupted by two ill-considered wars and a populace that foams at the mouth at any mention of new taxes, not to mention failures to create a realistic energy policy and an honest policy regarding climate change (all advised by the string-pulling shadow plutocracy), we are certainly headed for economic collapse.

Manipulated by media personalities and religious zealots exploiting our inherent anti-intellectual tendencies, we have been led astray from our better nature. We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we are all in this together. We have forgotten to lead by example. We have forgotten that if we want to live in a kinder more freedom-loving world we must individually and collectively be kinder more freedom-loving people.

The events of nine years ago should have made us more reflective, not less so. How is it not obvious that our excursions into other lands put us more at risk, not less so?

How could one nut case in Florida (a state well-known for its nut cases) have drawn so much attention to himself for his little hate-fueled stunt?

How could a media clown like Glenn Beck draw so many to a rally in Washington?

How is it not obvious that protesting the building of the Islamic cultural center can only reinforce the message of terrorists and that accepting the Muslim community is the best way to speak against the extremists and show their insanity for what it is?

With so much bridge building to be done, why do we waste time and resources bickering over whether or not certain adults have the right to marry? And why is it that those who oppose the rights of that group of adults are the ones who do most of the complaining about the government’s impositions of our freedoms?

We were told that we were attacked by those who opposed our freedoms. It was never made clear exactly which freedoms those were. What has been clear in the nine years since is that we have turned on each other, attacking ourselves from within, opposing ourselves for our own freedoms.

I, too, wonder if we can ever recover our soul or even the illusion of one. If we do not, we are certainly doomed.

It is ourselves we are now at war with, not the others and in falling for their trick we have handed the others their success.


Beatnheart said...

How thought provoking...we can only begin with ourselves and showing compassion to each other in our own neighborhoods and communities. What else is there..? Thank you both so much for showing up last night. What a wonderful thing to do ....lets meet up again perhaps in your neck of the woods...I know so little about your area except that its super trendy now...lucky you! Thanks a million again.. how cool you both are...Cynthia

Wendy C said...

You are a breath of fresh air! And so,on the money. Here in Australia, we have been through the most bitter election process fuelled by the media,creating a divisive climate. It seems to me our greatest challenge is accepting (no, embracing difference)
Wendy C

NV said...

This post is indeed dead-on! Great bit of writing.

I feel your angst and wonder some of these same things. I wonder when humanity and kindness left so many of us. And how there can still be so many people who take that "all men created equal" stuff to mean the same thing it did 200+ years ago. (when women weren't and African Americans were less than a whole person.)

Boggles my mind and makes me worry about the future of this country.

TriPhiKip said...

What more is there to say...

Beautifully and eloquently put.

I hope when we get the answer to 'What will we become?' that we are both pleasantly surprised.

Why S? said...

Cynthia, it was our pleasure. K & I had a lovely evening. We would love to welcome you to Red Hill. Just let me know when.

Wendy C - welcome from Australia! I hope you'll visit again. It's sounds like our cultures have much in common.

NV, I'm worried too (obviously) but like my friend, Kip, I also hope we are pleasantly surprised.

modernemama said...

Well said... most of America, most of the world, is rational and even-tempered and it's easy to forget that when confronted by the constant onslaught of slogan shouting that 24 hr cable TV puts out in an attempt to win ratings and fill air time.

Jayne said...

Wonderfully written. I agree wholeheartedly. There is so much ugliness in our nation these days. It's good to read this post (and the comments) and remember that not everyone is ugly.