Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Rose Bowl Flea Market

We showed up with cash and big bags to carry away our loot.  How we managed to return home empty-handed, I can't imagine.  Not when there were beauties like this to be had:

I don't know what this animal is or was.

But it had a sweet face.  Too sweet to want to bring home.

I might have wanted these prints, if I had any wall space left to display them.

I don't really know what I would do with this colorful T-Rex.

Bat-winged sconces.  Alas, not very Craftsman-y.

Also not very Craftsman-y, Blowfish Lamp.  Ick.

Under no circumstances do I ever want to see a chair made of golf clubs in my home.

I kind of like this fencing mask, maybe for playing with The Kitten.  It can go with the fencing glove that I use to play with her.  Wish I'd been wearing that glove last December when she tore into my arm and sent me to the ER.  Oh, well.

Having these fireplace logs could have saved us the trouble of building a whole fireplace.  Could have just plugged them in and been on our way to other projects. 

The day wasn't a total loss.  I did come away with a sunburn (not pictured).


Beatnheart said...

Thanks for your visit. Yes, I see you showed some restraint on the shopping and for good reason. I collected all my Craftsman furniture back in the late 80’s when it was still reasonable. I have a booth in Santa Monica where I sell some pieces.... My fireplace was found in the trash...It was pulled out of a remodeled home ..I saw it while riding my bike in the hood. It was painted white and Mr. Beatnheart painted it ...

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I would have gone with the blowfish lamp at the right price

goddessof4 said...

A lot of interesting things to look at !!!! I kind of liked the sconces!!! LOL!!!!! Here in Wisconsin when we go to the flea markets it is usually hit or miss (mostly miss) but the fun part is looking!!!!!!

Why S? said...

PA - really? I can't imagine myself with that lamp at any price. But that's just me. Maybe you have just the right spot for it.

Goddess - the fun part really is looking. I did find some nice stuff, but really, the last thing I need is more stuff. Anything we bought would have been for sport. We've no space left for anything.