Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Death of the McMansion?

If they're truly dead for good, I won't miss them one bit.

This post is based on this article

The time of the super-sized home has ended.  Long live the moderately sized home!

I thought it was funny that the article states that the smaller home is now the trend.  Then, a 1,200 sq. foot home is mentioned but the builder being interviewed says something to the effect of "yes, smaller, but not THAT small!"

My home is under 1,200 sf.  Heck, my home is under 1,100 sf.  But then again, my washer and dryer sit outside.  And I only have one closet.  Yeah, one closet!  And it's not even in a bedroom.  Two bedrooms and not a closet in either one.  That'll be nice when we sell.

Oh, and no pantry.

And guests staying in the closet-less guest room better not have much luggage 'cause there ain't much floor space.

I can barely find a place to keep an extra package of paper towels.  There's no way I can shop for the Costco size of anything.

And good thing someone finally got around to inventing the flat panel TV. 

I would love to have a full 1,200 square feet.  What a luxury that would be!

Image "borrowed" from's Pony Blog

Yeah, we could use more room.  But not that much more room. 

The planet just ain't big enough for that kind of nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Our house is tiny and doesn't have a single closet in it.... not one! No pantry, not even cupboards in the kitchen (though it did come with some draws). Minimalist living is a necessity, not an optional way of life - yet I wouldn't swap it for the world. :)

Why S? said...

Wow. Anonymous you have me beat. No cupboards in the kitchen even? and no built-in closets? It all sounds very European. You're Ikea's target demo.

pedalpower said...

Wow, now I feel decadent living in 2000 square feet with a tiny closet in each bedroom. I'll be be glad to see the end of the McMansions though...I know of too many with 4 or 5 thousand square feet of blandness with 2 people living inside. I know, judgmental of me.

modernemama said...

First house in Belgium: 100m3 = 1000 sq'. 3 tiny bedrooms. No closets. Galley kitchen. One bath. Washing machine in garage - one car (ours wouldn't fit). We did have a terrace almost the same size as the house for the days it didn't rain. It was a totally efficient space over 8 years for four of us.

brismod said...

That was such an interesting article. I say good riddance to the McMansion. There is no reason to live so big (unless you have a extra, extra large family).

NV said...

I've always thought 2,000SF would be nice, considering I live in significantly less than half that now.

A SECOND BATHROOM and a garage are MUST HAVES. I will not move unless those are in the next house. :-)