Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Walk Back from the Farmer's Market

On my way back from last weekend's Farmer's Market, I was happy to see progress on this building:

See what it is?

Plants growing on this wall:

The plantings are placed in a special fabric lining the exterior and soon enough, the entire building will be covered with living plants!

Ironically, the building is across the street from the official headquarters of all things plastic and made in China:

On that same block, I encountered this oddity:

It's a pedestrian subway.  It was built so that peds could cross the street from here:
to there:

I can't imagine there was ever a Los Angeles so safe, so carefree that anyone could have thought "this will be fine.  Pedestrians will walk unguarded through underground tunnels.  That should be safe enough.  Nothing could go wrong there."  WHO'S IDEA WAS THAT?!?!

I've seen quite a few of these relics throughout the city. Not once have I ever seen one that wasn't closed off by that horrible fencing.  Something about this reminds me of the Charlton Heston movie, The Omega Man.  Right?  Isn't that where those gremlin creatures lived during the day?  Or maybe it's where the vampires now sleep by day.  No one ever goes down there and in their bat form, they could easily escape through the fencing.

Next I came upon a new restaurant with this menu:

What?  Tex-Mexican/Indian fusion?  Is this a perfect city, or what? (except for the part about being too dangerous for underground walkways.)

Get it?  It's like a play on Cowboys and Indians?  Only with different Indians?

The is the quintessential LA mini-mall.  Not only do you have the above gastronomical uniquity, but you can also get a Thai massage:

and Mongolian barbecue:

presumably, you can dine there while you wait for repairs on your car.

But wait!  There's more!

Before or after having your nails done or your brows waxed, it looks like you can pop in for a quick medical consultation and then pop upstairs to pick up your prescription for medical marijuana:

Let me just add, I know nothing about the nature of services provided at "Consulting and Care for Wellness."  I'm just guessing.  My apologies for any confusion, inconvenience or legal entanglements.

That was the end of my walk last week.  Groovy, huh?


Beatnheart said...

Oh yeah, life in our city...we used a walkway like this in the early 70's in Venice...yeah it was even scary then...luv the Indian? it any good? Cheers from your neighbors in Long Beach...

NV said...

TOO COOL! I love the neighborhood walks. :-)

Why S? said...

Hi there Long Beach! Hey, do you ever go to LB Opera. I've recently become a big fan (Nixon in China was great) and now I'm looking forward to Orpheus & Euridice at the swimming pool. But that's just us. We're HUGE performance geeks. Anyway, we've been to Cowboys and Turbans twice. The 2nd time was better. I had the spinach/tofu quesadilla. I wouldn't have the naan pizza again. Their presentation leaves much to be desired though. The just set stuff on a white plate and hand it over. They'll learn (I hope.)

Thanks, NV. I should do more. I've got tons of pics stored up. Just a question of uploading the devils.

brismod said...

Very entertaining tour. Cowboys and Turbans tickled my fancy.