Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Pictorial History of Economic Theory, from A to B

Remember when I said that Echo Park had been dubbed Red Hill because of the Socialists and other progressives who gathered here in the '30s?  That's all ancient history now.  But even as late as 2002 when K and I first moved here, there was a great lefty bookstore down the street.

The building bore this sign -

I loved the non-mainstream selection of reading material and I planned that, when the house was done and I had time to read again, I would become a frequent patron of the store.  

The house and I took too long.  Quite a while ago, the old Labor sign was replaced with this one -  

Yep, that says it all.  Forget the worker.  Forget the value of labor.  Just shop. 

(and yes, I do get the irony here.)


Unknown said...

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Why S? said...

Hey Mike! Just because I hint at my lefty, pro-worker leanings and use the word "red" liberally that doesn't mean I need your poorly translated Chinese spam on my blog.

Get out of here before I beat you with my big bleeding-heart Liberal stick!

Above the City said...

Great shots and story!

I must be one of the few that never knew about Red Hill.