Friday, March 19, 2010

Cultivating the Age of Narcissism

It all started with the pre-natal ultrasound.  I don't know about you, but I'm not thrilled to be shown an expectant mom's ultrasound.  How am I supposed to react to these things?

"Wow, he's got your eyes!"

I've never seen an ultrasound that looked any different than any other ultrasound.  For all we know, the whole thing's a scam.  Those people who get all worked up over an allegedly fictitious moon landing could focus a little energy on the pre-natal ultrasound industry.

But the moms love to show 'em off.  In my day, you had to wait until you were at least born before your mom could start boring others with your image.

Then there's the license plate holder - - as in "Happiness Is . . . . Being Taylor's Mom."

Really?  Look, I know she's proud of Taylor and all, but is that really the sum total of happiness for her - being an extension of someone else?  I thought we were past that.

And, do you really think I'm impressed by your bumper sticker?  I'm truly happy for you that your child reads at grade level at Suchnsuch Middle School or that your child has perfect attendance or whatever it is that you're bragging about.  But these stickers have become so ubiquitous that they're a bit like Special Olympics awards, aren't they?  You get rewarded for just showing up.  There's bound to be a bumper sticker for whatever it is your kid doesn't suck at.

Sorry.  That just came out.

Don't even get me started on Lifecasting

But now, just when it didn't seem possible to reference these kids any more than we do, the ad industry has created a new breeding ground for monsters of conceit -

(and in today's irony alert - yeah, I believe every random thought I have to be so important that I must post it on the internet for the whole world to read.  Funny that.)


brismod said...

Why S? I love a a good rant and this is a good one. Next time someone shows you an ultrasound you should say, "Wow, he's got your eyes!" What a gold comment!

Anonymous said...

Im not sure what your problem is, but you have to relax a little.
I wasnt impressed with your comment on Special Olympics. My eldest son has Down Syndrome and frankly if he was to do anything like compete in the special olympics it would be for his hard work and talent. He would not 'just need to show up'. Not sure ifyou have any kids of your own, but you really need to lighten up.

Why S? said...

Thanks, Brismod. I have been in a rant-y mood lately. Don't know why. Maybe it' the effect of Spring.

Anonymous - I apologize if you were offended. But this wasn't directed at your son. This was directed at people who give their kids more credit than they've earned thereby creating a society in which the truly talented are lost in a sea of the merely recognized. (it's also about the narcissism of idolizing others simply because you share some DNA with them.)

And between you and me, I kind of think that if I got any lighter, I might just fly off to the Sun.

Risky stuff. I knew that when I posted.