Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the Wee Hours of the Morning, Something Shifted

L.A. earthquake rattles region awake but no major damage is reported [Updated]

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Last night, K sat up suddenly, sometime in the wee hours.

Me: wha?

K: We just had an earthquake.

Me: (expletive deleted)

K: 4:10

Me: Are you sure? (but I'm thinking "strike-slip fault?")

K: yes

Me: (realizing that 4:10 meant the time, not an estimation of magnitude) Call it.

K: What?

Me: Call it.  Then we'll see how close you came.

K: 3.7

Me: That's not so bad. (I'm thinking "should I get dressed?  get ready to flee?"  But I didn't think it for long.)

We go back to sleep.

According to the article, it was 4.4.  Still, not so bad.

Still, I don't like it.


Jan Marie said...

I don't like all these earthquakes either and I don't live in earthquake land.

My son was in Japan for 6 months on business about 5 years ago. He wasn't in country more than 6 hrs when he was nearly thrown out of his bed on the 14th floor of his hotel with a 6.8.

They continued to have earthquake after earthquake until he left. LOL

He was also lucky enough to have 2 typhoons while he was there. I asked him "how were they?" He replied, "wet."

Why S? said...

I'm normally pretty chill about the minor ones like this but with all the big ones all over the place lately, I've been dreaming of them. Still, I did manage to go right back to sleep, so I guess I'm not to worried.

A typhoon sounds good. Especially if my own home is not involved.