Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yet Another Downside to the Economic Apocalypse

FAT. Yep, the most dreaded of three-letter words is another side effect of our disastrous economy. I yet again bring you the news you need with this article telling how we're all doomed to put on weight if we try to save money on food. In the U.S., poverty is fattening.

In spite of what should have been obvious to the experts, no one predicted the current collapse. Maybe they were watching the wrong indicators. Maybe they should have been watching me. I've been putting on weight for years.

But I don't blame the economy. I blame remodeling. I blame having a gross kitchen that looked like this for our first 5 years here:

Seriously, how could anybody be expected to cook food in this thing? After we tore it all out we didn't have a kitchen at all for nine months. We had a shop sink and a stove and kept a few dishes in the oven. We dined out a lot.

But those were the days of the housing frenzy and the building boom. We weren't the only ones remodeling. Shouldn't we all be overweight already? How much more weight can we gain?

Am I the only one "remodeled" by remodeling?


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

See, what you need is a bigger house. Between lugging all of my massive junk up to the third floor or down to the basement, cutting firewood (which has to go from the driveway to the porch, and then down to the basment to dry, once I realized how wet it is), I'm in better shape than I've been in a while. Of course, the part of all this where I'm freezing and inclined to stay in bed all day doesn't help.

Why S? said...

Ha, ha! Christopher, thanks for making me laugh. And now's the right time to buy a bigger house, assuming I wouldn't have to sell this one.

NV said...

Sorry, Why. My “remodeling” went the other direction.

Beating a sidewalk to death, carting it off, and hefting bricks, sand, mortar mix until almost fall redeveloped muscles I had forgotten existed. I may weigh more, but I'm in better shape than I was in my 20s!

While the holidays probably added some pounds, I’ve made it through another season without going anywhere near my September 2007 weight! Of course, if I’d had the where withal to EAT healthier during that same time frame, I’d probably be a twig by now. But I’m not that health food dedicated OR smart! :-)

Why S? said...

Ok, then, I guess I'm the only one whose personal remodeling was negative. I guess the secret lies in actually doing the work. No wonder K manages to remain so svelte.