Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Clash of Federal vs. Local Rights

My stepdaughter, K the Younger, sent us this video of a local community fighting for its right to retain one of the benefits of small town life -

As someone who, in my omnivorous life, was seriously allergic to cats and now only somewhat allergic, I suggest the complainer in question switch to a vegetarian diet and see what happens.


Jennifer said...

Interesting! My husband has become much less allergic to cats since dating me, at which point he started eating "virtually" vegetarian (as i am a vegetarian, and we like to cook together). He's still allergic them too much for us to have one, though. We have to stick with our poodlepups.

Why S? said...

It took me over six months to adapt to having the current cat in the house. There was a lot of sneezing and itchy eyes. And I did some weird alternative therapy, which may or may not have helped. But when I ate meat, I couldn't even be in a room with them for any period of time without becoming completely debilitated. I hope you one day manage to bring your husband around to your wise ways, Jennifer. He'll be glad you did.